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The DH Group - - New in name, but long in experience.
After over twenty years in the marketing and communications fields, we founded The DH Group with an innovative business model to fill a need for quality marketing and communications solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
Starting with a simple question: Why can't small and medium sized businesses have access to the same quality marketing and communications services that large corporations use? Our answer is that you can!
Beyond our own capabilities, The DH Group has access to some of the most experienced talent available. For example, we currently work with eight different design firms. Depending upon the project requirements, we are able to handle the creative direction ourselves or to work in concert with a design firm to ensure the best possible finished product at a competitive price.
The following is a list of industries that we have hands-on experience working with:

  • Investment and Financial Institutions
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • Medical Practices and Health Care Systems
  • Gaming
  • 501c3
  • Grocery
  • Higher Education
  • Apparel
  • Golf
  • Shopping
  • Restaurant
  • Entertainment
  • Retail

Our marketing and communications campaigns have resulted in increased traffic and sales for clients and coverage in national and regional publications such as The Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Business Journal, The San Diego Union-Tribune and The San Diego News Network.