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Many small and medium sized businesses have the need but neither the time nor resources to maintain a full-time marketing and communications staff.
Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your need for marketing and communications:

1. How well do you know your customers?
2. Do you have a customer database?
3. What have your marketing efforts looked like to date?
4. Have you bought advertising and, if so, what were the results?
5. How well-known is your business within its niche?
6. How often do your principals get noted and quoted in the press?
7. How much do you think your business could grow if it stood out in your market?

We can help you evaluate these questions and explore your business goals to guide you to the best course of action. You can be assured that the process will based first and foremost on your input, backed up by research and a clear program of executables. We'll assign a project manager to your program, come up with a clear pricing proposal that will be the bottom line. No additional or hidden costs.

Our Price Guarantee: Any proposal for work presented to you will be our lowest possible price and it will be the price you pay. There will be no additional or hidden costs involved for the proposed scope of work. If we go over budget, the difference is covered by us. We have found this price guarantee allows our clients to accurately budget for their marketing and makes for happier customers.